Homer Numan

Homer Numan

Monday, April 14, 2008

Pushing Daisies

Yet again it's left up to the Yanks to provide some decent entertainment. Even if they have nicked one of our actresses (sorry I know that everyone is an acTOR these days -- well exceuuuussseeeee me) to do it.

Anna Friel was previously best known for doing a lesbian kiss in ex-soap Brookside and a yawn-fest film called 'The Land Girls.' And some adverts for something girlie.

So far so crap. But in 'Pushing Daisies', she's really rather good. In much the same way that the ex-Eastenders 'Bionic Woman' girl isn't.

Anyway, the bloke who stars has the gift of bringing things back to life just by touching them. Which is great. But if he touches them a second time they die. Permanently. Which isn't. Especially if you're his mum.

Undeterred, he makes a tidy living by temporarily reviving murder victims for a pop quiz and then claiming the reward for finding their killers. Sneaky eh.

But having promised himself he wouldn't keep anyone permanently resurrected (the nearest person dies if he does) he is suddenly faced with his childhood sweetheart in a coffin (the delightful Miss Friel). It's not a tough choice to let the obnoxious undertaker meet his maker instead and keep his ex alive for future adventures with his business partner and gorgeous undead dog.

After just one episode I'm intrigued. The style is quirky adult fairy tale with a narrator. The leads are appealing and the plot frisky. Could go far.

But if you're brain dead, you may prefer Celebrity Mr & Mrs.

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