Homer Numan

Homer Numan

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Daisies

OK so my life's so sad that my next blog post is the same subject as the last one.

Well actually I did do quite a detailed Aspergers post, but I decided it was too personal for public consumption, so it's available by request only. That's got you intrigued eh?

Anyway, the second episode of 'Pushing Daisies' has confirmed what I suspected -- this series is exactly on my wavelength. Which may be worrying. But what the hell, somebody's got to like it.

At last a programme that's imaginative, quirky, romantic, fun and clever. Not to mention slightly challenging as far as keeping up with the plot is concerned.
There's no major violence, no swearing, no extreme nastiness and no gratuitous sex. Well none at all actually for obvious reasons.

I'd never had any time at all for Anna Friel before (I'm ashamed to say I never returned any of her calls), but now she's just the ticket.

Really great so far. I'll keep you updated.

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