Homer Numan

Homer Numan

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Abdula: 'Hey everyone guess what I've just invented?'

Everyone: 'Dunno. What?'

Abdula: 'It's called Islam right? And it's stuff that God says you have to do.'

Everyone: 'OK cool. What like eating loads of stuff and snogging?'

Abdula: 'Er no not exactly. Chandari you're a woman right?'

Chandari: 'Yes.'

Abdula: 'Well God says you have to cover up.'

Chandari: 'Eh? But I've got a dress on.'

Abdula: 'No no. God says he's very offended having to look at you and you need to cover up completely. And if you don't I get to beat you with a stick.'

Chandari: 'Sayed! Have you got that strait-jacket you invented? I think Abdula might need to try it out.'

Abdula: 'Less of your lip. My friend Ezekiel the Christian said if I'm going to invent a successful religion I need to subjugate women. In his church women have to shut up, cover their heads and make the tea.'

Chandari: 'So God invented women but he doesn't want them to be seen or heard?'

Abdula: 'You got it. And there's more. My friend John-Paul says that you can't use contraception and abortions are a complete no-no.'

Chandari: 'That's it. I'm out of here.'

Abdula: 'Oh come on Chandari. Everyone? Hello? Come back!'

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