Homer Numan

Homer Numan

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pandas and People

How cute are these guys? Cuddly eh? Well no not really, they'd likely claw you to pieces, but that's hardly the point.

The fact is that in a few years the only way you'll see a giant panda is via archive footage online. Why? Because their natural habitat has virtually disappeared and it isn't coming back.

This habitat destruction is of course necessary for the betterment of humanity, who have a seemingly infinite 'right to life' involving boundless expansion of territory and an insatiable demand for resources. Why let a few cuddly bear things get in the way? Or anything else for that matter.

After all, we were created in God's own image and given custody of planet earth, to do with as we see fit. Everything has a right to life as long as it's human.

Selfish? Not at all. It says in this here compendium of ancient manuscripts that we're the important ones. OK we were 'given' a breaktakingly beautiful planet with literally millions of creatures to share it with -- an ideal opportunity to demonstrate humanity's compassion you might think -- but since we obviously have the greatest need, everything else is disposable, including the planet's resources.

Let's cut the crap here -- humanity is merely the dominant animal on this tiny planet -- nothing more than a first rate parasite leeching off it's immediate habitat. Sooner rather than later, fuel, habitable areas and food resources are going to run out -- climate change or no climate change. The result will be a phenomenal, irreversible decimation in human numbers, and the subsequent rise of another scavenger, most likely the rat.

Will the earth stop turning? Will there be some mystical rapture or second coming? Will anything other than the remenants of humanity give a damn?

A one word answer will suffice.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting blog post.

Believe one, more, or none of them, most ancient manuscripts said that we were (are) pretty much the scum of the earth, even thousands years ago so your right there!

I use the A1 main road all the time, its right near my house. The thing is that its also the home of 1000s of badgers. Well I say 1000s but I now mean 100s, as we are killing them off every single day with our big shiny cars. Never mind that its been there home for a thousand years or more.

I wish we had more respect for the world we lived in, not sure what the answer is. I will continue to wash out my wee peanut butter jar for the recycle man and try and walk to the shop now and again to help save the planet. But am I about to sell my car and live 100% green life?. Just like the rest of us - NO!

Some “Experts” say that to save the planet and some of its animals in it we need to reduce the population of the earth my billions, but with the rate of population growing that does not sound likely.

When push comes to shove there is no way a wee badger is getting in the way of my trip to the cinema or a great shopping experience, I wonder if I would feel the same if they were pandas?