Homer Numan

Homer Numan

Thursday, December 18, 2008

End of the Road for Woolworths

It's sad but certainly not unexpected. For the last year or so I've wandered into Woolworths and wondered what their reason for existence actually was. Pretty much everything they stocked could be bought more cheaply in Tesco and their displays and range seemed in search of a guiding hand.

Nevertheless the speed and timing (pre-Christmas) of the end were a shock and the loss of some 27000 jobs is a devestating blow.

For a forty something like myself, Woolies holds a special place in my formative years, particularly from a musical perspective. They were always great for cheap 7" singles, often reduced to 35p within minutes of dropping out of the charts and had a great selection of LPs and subsequently CDs. Laterally the writing has been on the wall with shrinking musical displays and more space devoted to DVDs, but nevertheless those of a certain age will lament the demise of a little part of our past.

Goodbye Woolies and thanks for the memories.

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Anonymous said...

cheap vinyl back in the good days! I miss that! But still to this day i really miss the pick and mix