Homer Numan

Homer Numan

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Diana's back and Wow!

She's back and with not one, but two free download tracks!

Diana is the sole reason the world needs to thank Simon Cowell. OK she came 4th in XF 2008, but since then she's told Cowell where to shove his contract, starred in a West End Musical (Little Voice), had a number one single and album, become a professional model and built up one of the most devoted fanbases of our time. Not bad for a twenty year old on the recieving end of one of the most vicious hate campaigns concievable both during and after XF. Most of her 'haters' have shut up these days. Some have got a life and the more discerning have grudgingly conceded that actually Miss Vickers really does have talent.

Not only talent but versatility if this download is anything to go by. 'Kiss Of A Bullet' is slick,catchy electro-pop with a nice little twist of that Diana quirkiness us fans love. Sure she's refined the vocal that polarised so many on XF, but this is still unmistakably Vickers and damned addictive stuff.

This and the recent 'Music To Make Boys Cry' bode exceedingly well for the second album. Diana is a unique talent, a canny self publicist and one of those mavericks who make the music industry worthwhile.